Episode 8 – Deep Heat

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  • Song Name: Jaded Views - Episode 8
  • Artist: Jaded Views
  • Album: Jaded Views Year 1
  • Year: 2015

The Boys have finally been reunited after several episodes but first Melonz has a few things he needs to get off his chest. Melonz finds a story of a rat man who enjoys smelling moist ladies seats, Sexual fetishes are glazed over to accommodate this human beings behaviour. The show is invaded by Bacon rashers which are in fact not bacon rashers at all! More alarmingly Rampage talks of a friend who had encountered a secret homosexual heavy petting ring. PLUS SHORTBUS BINGO Is here! Melonz lets you know how you can get involved in this family friendly game! All this and a lot more.....We actually mean that to for a change! In your hourly fix of Jaded Views.