Episode 13 - A Grave Error

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  • Song Name: Episode 13
  • Artist: Jaded Views
  • Album: Year 1
  • Year: 2015

Better Late than Never, Rampage address the lateness of the show (while wasted and in a deep place) and the audio takes a turn for a worse, this is the 13th Elephant, I mean episode, but here we go!

13 is unlucky for some but not 2 the hosts of the most Jaded Podcast. However, Rampage explains how he very well could have become a 7 fingered person in a freak accident with a Baked Bean Tin Lid. Melonz lowers the tone by trying to describe the smell of burning flesh. A mother in law manages to murder someone from beyond the grave, using the very headstone to commit the act. A Breaking story is discussed on the show live, were a man and his Pet Rock have been doing something very naughty indeed. A centurion aged man gets a bit to choppy with his wife and to top it all off, a Chinese lumberjack (2 words that should never belong together) has had sexual intercourse with an alien which appears to be the mascot of a tire company. Plus a whole lot more in your hourly fix of podcasting goodness.