Episode 14 - Prepare for Trouble

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The hosts are disturbed virtually immediately on the show as 2 Chavs in a Chav Chariot with a Chav Cannon park outside the studio for no god dam reason. Rampage users the opportunity to broadcast this live before the "Meat" of the show is discussed, Food related of course (Pun Game Is Strong) A Crisp addict eats a 3 year old packet of crisps, then users his compensation money to buy yet more out of date crisps. For some reason the Team Rocket theme is sung in a drunken state. An Italian grandmother try's to kill off her entire family as well as her self using 25 year old hot chocolate as the weapon of choice and one student gets a few extra greens in his bag of salad as he is not alone! PLUS! A bonus topic that is so good you have got to stick around for it "TIMMY!!" And we may have also suggested you donate money to the podcast........... Although its not said very often, ok maybe about 40 times... but who's counting


The gauntlet has also been laid down, there is a unicorn short bus out that and you could be the one to find it! Simply listen to the show to find out how you can enter for the Holy Grail of Short Bus Accolades. Were not kidding this is an actual competition with prizes and everything!

Without question Episode 14 is a must listen, recommended by Chinese Lumberjack's around the world.