Episode 17 - Hello? Is This The Pope??

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  • Song Name: Jaded Views Episode 17 - Hello? Is this the Pope
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  • Album: Jaded Views Year One
  • Year: 2015

The deadly duo are back for yet another episode of your hourly fix of jibber jabbas. Is there a pattern to the type of people who work at EVERY KFC? Did the very hot cashier over salt Melonz Chicken? Do guys with pony tails like to have sexual relations, with dogs?

Plus! the discount supermarket Aldi have a new interesting way for you to have FIVE a day! An argument ensures over the price of C, and how (donate money) to market said product at the best possible price. Sleeping petrol station attentants beware! as the chaps look at a gent who decided to use this golden opportunity to steal a frozen treasure chest but if only the (donate money) FAKE police force had been on his tail, All this and, AND, Jaded Views attempts to get the most religious man in the world, no, notCliff Richard, the White curtain wrapped, wizard staff weilding, pointy hat magican...THE POPE on the telephone. So, Grab a beer for this bumper phone call episode, of JADED VIEWS.

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