Episode 19 - A Rack Of Ribs

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  • Song Name: Episode 19 - A Rack of Ribs
  • Artist: Jaded Views
  • Album: Jaded Views Year One
  • Year: 2015

Sir Tony Rampage is large and in charge of Episode 19, finding a mass of variety of darkness in the world. A Conservative MP has raised some eye brows as he suggests using the Guillotine to dispose of disabled children. Melonz tries to resist getting out his Penis as Rampage shows him pictures of a Hot up and coming “sexy” down syndrome model. It would take a lot of Vodka to smash her, but it wouldn't take as long with FAKE vodka that was found being sold by a local store near to the Melonz Studio. Hungry after all that dodgy booze then you better not head to a Nigerian Flesh Eating Restaurant, as you may get a kebab made out of labia and gouch. Rampage also discusses his time away in York and this is the first show with Listener Email!! Grab a ball bag sandwich and the finest glass of Czech Vlad Vodka and enjoy some Jaded Views.

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