Episode 20 - A Saw Subject

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  • Song Name: Episode 20 - A Saw Subject
  • Artist: Jaded Views
  • Album: Jaded Views Year One
  • Year: 2015

In this bumper show; Melonz gets behind the wheel of this episode and in a slightly intoxicated state, He discusses a recent story of a German (Would have to be German) who is advising people on the correct method of pushing out a stool, Apparently you! Your Mum, Your Jewish neighbour and the world are doing it wrong! Plus a council clean up team who attempt to clean a hoarders house only to find a decomposing corpse, lovely… And a mad women who tries to kill two children using a steak knife!!! a STEAK KNIFE!!! Not a Chef’s knife or even a pairing knife! A STEAK KNIFE! All this and…….well were not really to sure, the rest is a bit of a blur….. Put on your headphones and put your cock back in your trousers…. and enjoy some Jaded Views, unless you enjoy to listen with your cock out then please…..carry on!