Episode 21 - They make ships, y'know!

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  • Song Name: Episode 21 - They make ships, y'know!
  • Artist: Jaded Views
  • Album: Jaded Views Year One
  • Year: 2015

This week! Which car company builds ships? After a friends wedding Tony has much discuss of a friends of a show's soon to be wife, and their shared vegetarianism. Who is falsely advertising lamb kebabs containing chicken?

Who owns the sun? and Why are they sueing EBAY? Tony doesn't care, because he's staking a claim?

Why did Melonz upset a car salesmen today?

What does a 95 year old man with a zimmerframe, and Shawshank have in common?

And our token retard story involves a short bus.

What time is it? its time for Jaded Views!!!!