Episode 27 - International Incident

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  • Song Name: Episode 27 - International Incident
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  • Year: 2015

In this international episode Rampage takes the reigns and guides in a world tour.

From close to home the lads have been golfing? golfing? with a few fans of the show, International news from Italy about a Fat guy who is just plain lazy. Do you have the hots for farm animals? have a fetish for a animal of the wooly variety? Rampage has uncovered a SHEEP BROTHEL in wales. Illiterate Idiot robs the Qualifryer in Scotland, instead of a bookies.

Finally, who wants a degree in KIM JON IL's north Korea? with the first ever NORTH KOREA NEWS segment.

This, a whole lot more, we're running over an hour now, its time for the podcast which is taken the internet BY STORM, its Jaded Views.

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